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Alright, lets go straight to the point!
We are both from Brazil, our wedding was very intimate, most of our family wasn't able to attend, that sucked, but we figured if we couldn't have our whole family here, there was no point on inviting people who aren't really in our lives to the wedding, we wanted it to be meaningful and memorable, so we had 56 people only, counting kids lol
I wanted something I could cherish forever, nothing too trendy, and not too much of anything to be honest, Paulo wanted the food to be amazing and to have all kinds of alcohol for our guests, while I was mostly worried about the pictures and the flow of the weeding day in a way we could enjoy the day and have less of the long traditional boring stuff.
I am big on planning, I love to plan things and want them to be perfect, but you know, shit happens, and not everything ever goes perfectly planned with weddings, so my cherry blossoms (center piece) didn't bloom in time, my cake was not what I expected (delicious but ugly) and I didn't end up with all the pictures I wanted. But if you ask me, my wedding was perfect, I loved every second of it, and would do it all over again.

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