Amazon finds kitchen ocd organization spice drawer

I’ve always been some what organized in the kitchen, at least since when we got our kitchen remodel done (Let me know if you want pictures of that).

Although my kitchen was organized, it wasn’t OCD organized like I wanted to, I started by getting rid of all the junk I don’t really use, and then i decided I didn’t want much on my counter tops anymore (That is not done yet) I hated the huge block for all my knives it took so much space and was a set back on my goal to have less on my kitchen counter. So I started there, I pretty much got everything from Amazon, I found a knife holder for drawers, I wanted to put that with my spices to save space since I don’t really need one whole drawer just for spices, so I measured it perfectly to find a match in color and specially to fit my standard since kitchen drawer (believe me it wasn’t easy) The spice rack I found holds 15 spices more than enough for me and my cooking skills haha, I couldn’t find any rack that filled the drawer completely even in the back, so I added another piece there. Perfect to put my seasoning cubes.

after that I moved on to the spice holders, most of the ones on Amazon are round, I wanted square this way they wouldn’t turn, so I found some square ones, and it came with 15 the perfect amount of units I needed. Now it’s time to find a cute set of labels, I found multiple great choices, but I needed to stay consistent with the rest of kitchen/house when I get to get, so I found a minimalist style that had options to buy in the future for other areas (pantry, laundry etc) with the exact same style.

Here are the before and after, it makes me feel so happy, and it was suck a simple task, I hope this inspires you!! This is my link for all items, everything is Amazon Prime!l


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