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I see a lot of people struggling with self confidence lately and everywhere. Its a super delicate topic I guess. Some people are raised being bullied for being too white, too dark, too skinny, too fat, too tall or too short, and after all the years being picked on you start actually believing that the fact that you are too short or too whatever its a bad thing.

It really doesn't help when we live in a world where every girl wants to be on instagram trying to look like a Kardashian lost sister. 

I absolutely love when I see natural beauty on instagram. People that just embrace their beauty even when its not your typical "beauty standard" whatever that shit is. 

I wish we girls would just stop trying too hard, fake hair, fake lashes, fake everything. How can you even find yourself when you look yourself in the mirror? When thats all gone can you still love YOU? Are the likes and comments enough to make you find worth in yourself? 

I don't give much shits for royal weddings, but the fact that Meghan got married with the entire world watching her, looking so natural and so beautiful, made me so so happy this past week. 

Think about the past celeb weddings, their are ostentatious and the bride always looks like a different person, and that its whats cool?

Anyways, this is getting too long, my point is..

There is beauty in you. Go find it.

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