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So basically I learned this recipe years ago, I learned with a close family friend that use to make it for me when I got sick as a child. When I moved here I asked her for the recipe even though I don't really know how to cook... she made it very simple for me to make it (no fancy wording and shit) anyways, I made it multiple times when I felt like I was getting sick or already sick, sometimes when I felt weak from dieting etc, so Paulo, my husband, he started to love it too.. its just very nutritious you guys..

Super simple, but because I really don't enjoy my time in the kitchen I actually modified it to be even easier, and Paulo just absolutely obsessed over it, so I decided to share, even though this is not really my thing.

I took pictures along the way to make it easy to understand if you are a visual person like me


garlic + onions

ground turkey + seasoning of your preference, cook for 15 mins.

start adding all vegetables you love..



pre cut carrots..



and a lot of kale

add water, let it cook for 30 mins.

take 5 cups of soup and put in blender, then mix new soup with the rest and cook for another 10, 15 mins.. 

That's it, you're done!


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