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Today I feel so inspired that so much is coming through my head that I can’t focus on one thing only.
I was trying to write about Fringes, but honestly its not happening right now! Hehe (I promise I will try it later).
I wanted to still come here and share some of the things that have been inspiring me lately. (Exemples coming right up!)
I love high fashion to get inspired, but what I personally love the most is to find creative pieces that can we can literally wear forever, or at least over and over again for a long time, just timeless unique pieces. 
This is definitely what makes me happy, I love to compose completely different looks and styles with this one piece I have, whatever that is. 
Its so cool to repeat something when I am going out and not feel like I have worn that before, just because of the way I am wearing it this time around. (It’s like new!)
Not only that, it makes me proud of who I am becoming, I like knowing that less and less I worry about repeating outfits or if people are going to notice that I have the same thing from last week on, and more and more I worry about how ruge is the impact from ME reusing my current stuff.
BTW, I would actually like them to notice, it would probably make me feel even better and give me the window to talk about my passion.
Here are some questions you can ask yourself to have a smart closet:
1. Does this piece goes with my everyday?
2. Is it comfortable?
3. Can I match this with my current items?
4. Is it a trend or its something that I can wear for a while?
I hope that helps, that's it for now. 
Here are some images inspiring me currently:
Layering + earth tones | Linen | Tailoring + Sneakers | Asymmetric






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