How I found my personal style

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1.Follow your heart.

2.Continue to follow your heart.


I love talking about fashion, but I think its a little over saturated these days. 

Everyone now is a fashion stylist, a fashion guru, blogger, or whatever; and in my opinion fashion is such a personal and subjective thing.

I know there are trends, and I understand we tend to follow them in general, but no one needs to be an expert to do research, follow major fashion shows or learn whats new in fashion (hello, we live in a globalized world, 100% connected!).

In college I studied Fashion Design, there were classes for drawing, fashion history, even creativity, and overall that’s great, but you know what I think? 

I think some people just have it in them, you are not going to learn sense of style in school, you are not going to learn how to compose great outfits tailored to you, your personality at school, this is the thing, its not what they are wearing, its how they are wearing it, and honestly, how they wear ANYTHING. 

People that have sense of style excel in art. They have a vision.. with make up, hair, posture, and all the little details.. sometimes purposely done to be imperfect. The crazy thing is, is that only the people with a sense of style see/notice all of that. 

So, with that being said, I strongly believe that people are born that way, and what I like in a persons style might not be the same as what you like. (its all good, diversity is what makes the world go round). It is always good to be inspired, but remember to not sacrifice the true YOU on the journey. 

Having sense of fashion, creativity, and the way we accessorize comes from within. I personally have always worn things differently than my friends, even the school uniform, I loved cutting it off, embroidering it, just customizing it in my own way, it wasn’t just with clothes, it was with everything. I felt free, and special, I didn’t care if people looked at me differently, so why should I care now? Why is it so much harder for me to express myself now? I guess that comes with age, but I will constantly work on being the careless old me. 

To be free and breathe.




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