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I am sitting here just wondering how the fuck will I not go insane with this whole corona virus situation, I have already self diagnose myself with so many problems, and its all because my mind doesn't stop I get anxious and find a billion problems that don't exist. I am trying to keep busy and not pay too many attention to my body and just relax, but its definitely easier said than done.
The only thing that calms me down except God is my art, I get so focused and forget the world.
So I thought I would share, I am sure that I am not the only person that suffers with anxiety, my advice is to figure out your level of anxiety and just decide what is the best treatment for you, for me being creative helps, it takes my mind away from things..
Remember to not just take care of your body during this hard times, take care of your mind, be respectful of others and just try do to the things you enjoy but never really find time to.

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