We love this quote because we love diversity.

The other day I found out that there is beauty in everyone, it's funny, we have this standard for what's pretty, what you should look like if you are a beautiful girl or boy...Turns out not everyone agrees with this "standard". We all have different taste, what I think is beautiful you might think is the complete opposite, you know?
I finally realized it, having a normal discussion with friends, it was amazing to know that most of us (or at least the people that are around me) still have their own opinion, even being surrounded by what society tell us it's beautiful.
We are ALL going to make a impact on someone...Like a friend said, that's what makes the world go round. We all have different personalities, beauty and thoughts. Meeting a new person exposes you to a whole new world, you might even find things about yourself that you never realized before, how crazy is that???
This still happens to me until this day..
Anyways like I always say...be the best version of you, and stop trying to be (like) somebody else. #truehappiness #confidence #diversity

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